Friday, April 3, 2009

Simulation Coverage--Day 4

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA (plus simulation bloopers after the credits)

For all video coverage of the Congress Simulation, see the Claremont Beat TV YouTube channel.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Senate Recess Sunday night?

Senator Schumer addressed the congregation and called for President Obama to consider signing into law the bills passed out of the Senate tonight, even though Obama said he would not do so.  

McConnell then made statement to delegation, asking that the President sign or veto all bills by 11:59 pm Sunday night.  Although not all members of the Senate have to be present, the Majority and Minority leaders will be present for the possible veto statement.

All Bills Passed...

After the extended break caused by the confusion over the President's absence all acts passed with ease through the senate:

Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act of 2009
Water Resources Improvement Act
HOPE for America's Veterans Act of 2009

Most senators demonstrated their desire to leave as soon as possible.

For tonight's session, the only bill that did not pass was the President's Resolution Authority Act.

Democrats Leave Delegation; Offer Sim God Beer

After moving to adjourn several times, Senator Cardin stated, "If you want to spend your Thursday night in here, I feel sorry for you." Following her lead, the Administration stated, "We can only get in trouble from here..." From there, the majority of, well, the majority, proceeded to walk out. They made it clear they had better places to be.

But they did not leave without making a statement. Before leaving to enjoy their Thursday nights, Senator Cardin and others offered Simulation God Ward a Mission Street Pale Ale. When the ClaremontBeat attempted to follow up with Sim god Ward, he rejected any comment with the beer. However, some, such as Senator Ensign, still had some fun.

Obama Pardons Blago

Before leaving on his motorcade surround by his secret service, President Obama issued a number of pardons. One of those pardons included disgraced Governor Blagojevich (D-IL). While this was a controversial pardon, it was not announced until 30 minutes after the President had left the building. Looks like the President of the Senate is unsure of his docket.

Democratic Side of the Floor Looking Empty

The majority of the Democratic caucus dramatically left the Senate floor after numerous calls for adjournment. Majority Leader Schumer ignored his party's request, siding with the Republicans to remain in session.

The walkout has left the Democrats lacking working control of the Senate giving Republicans advantage to push through their agenda.

According to Senate rules, the Senate can continue to vote on legislation so long as at least one member of the minority party is present.

3 Dems' Houses to be Replaced by Fed Detention Centers

When Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) proposed an amendment to build three new federal detention centers, the Democratic majority did not bat an eyelash. But looking a little closer at the bill may have been a good idea, specifically the following section:

(2) the locations of the first three centers to be constructed shall be as follows and the boundaries of such facilities shall extendequally in all directions:
(i) (35.468455,-114.916932)
(ii) (39.3916947,-76.716842)
(iii) (41.9585339,-87.67223059)

But why these specific locations? I caught up with Senator Inhofeto get the scoop. His only comment: "The coordinates for the first three prisons refer directly to the coordinates of Reid, Cardin, and Emmanuel's houses." Watch out for those bulldozers, Dems!